Gabriel island


Ilot Gabriel is located in the far north of Mauritius and the size of the island is only 42 hectares. Gabriel Island is a nature reserve and is known for its sandy beaches and turquoise water surrounding the island. This is a very famous site for mask and snorkel enthusiasts.

The catamaran cruise starts at 09:00 from Grand Bay, the crew will make you live a wonderful time playing guitar or telling you little anecdotes. The sailing time is about 1:30 to arrive until Gabriel Island.

Sometimes during this excursion you can see whales and dolphins. We will drop you on the island for swimming and then we will pick you up at 12.30 for a delicious BBQ buffet on the catamaran, note that the drink is at will throughout the day. You will leave the island around 14.30 (it depends on the tides) or you will head for Grand Bay to the sound of local music.


Ile aux cerfs

Ile aux Cerfs is an island located in the east of Mauritius, the island is very touristy, the departure is from the village of Trou-d'eau-douce or from the village of blue-bay. The crossing is done by fast boat or glass bottom boat.

The departure is around 9.00, we will drop you on the beach or you can enjoy the beautiful turquoise lagoon and white sand.

Deckchairs are for rent if you wish. Many water sports are on site such as parasailing and it is also possible to practice golf. The island has some restaurants and bars where you can sip a cocktail while waiting for lunch. Around 12.30 the crew will pick you up for lunch or a delicious BBQ will be waiting for you.


Then you will visit the famous waterfall of the GRSE and you will re deposit on the island until the time of departure around 16.00.

The day can be done in groups or individually.




Ilot Bernache

Ilot bernache little jewel located northeast of the island mauritius so the crossing is by boat from the village of Grand Gaube. A quiet and relaxing day away from the mass tourism, to bask on a sandy beach almost deserted (except for some fishermen) and emerald with a breathtaking view of the other islands (Round Island, Snake Island , The flat island).

The departure on the island is from 10.00am (it depends on the tides) the crossing lasts about 20-30min and the day includes unlimited drinks, barbecue, mask & snorkel and typical Mauritian atmosphere and return to the mainland around 15.30 /16.00 (it depends on the tides).

The day can be done in groups or individually.


Benitiers island (Swim with dolphins)

Benitiers Island is located north of Morne on the southwestern coast of the island, the excursion is very popular because you can see and swim with dolphins.

The departure is from the village of Black River around 08.30 and the crossing by fast boat. It is an exceptional activity allowing you to live an unforgettable adventure than to swim with dolphins in their natural environment.

After the dolphins, towards the island of Benitiers, while the crew will prepare the BBQ, you can enjoy the beautiful sandy beach for sunbathing or swimming. You can walk on the island there is a beautiful and impressive view of the Morne mountain or explore the lagoons and coral reefs surrounding the island. Departure from the island is around 15.00, en route you stop at La Roche Crystal in the middle of the lagoon.


Nage avec les dauphins


The three islands

Aigrettes Island, Pass Island, and Lighthouse Island are located in the southeastern part of the island.

The island of the pass is full of history, there are still vestiges of the colonial era.

The aigrettes island is a nature reserve with rare endemic animal or floral species.

The departure is from the village of Blue-bay around 09.00 or the day starts with the must visit the marine park, with mask and snorkel you can swim among multicolored fish, they will even eat in the palm of your hand. Next stop The island of egrets where the boat will make a stop, an aperitif will be served then.

Then, a moment full of history when berthing on the island of La Passe.

Last stop The island lighthouse, you dock near a small cove with a beautiful beach, the panorama is absolutely splendid.

While the crew prepares the BBQ you can visit the lighthouse. The return on the mainland is around 16.30.

The day can be done in groups or individually.


The coin de mire

The Coin de Mire is an island located eight kilometers from the north coast of Mauritius, it can not be visited, being classified as a protected nature reserve with many birds like the famous straw tail. In addition, its shore has few anchor points.

The Coin de Mire is reputed to be one of the best dive site in Mauritius. We offer a quick boat ride to the foot of the island where you can snorkel and enjoy the wildlife and aquatic flora.

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