The seven waterfalls.

The 7 waterfalls also known as Tamarind Falls (Tamarin Falls) is located near the small village of Henrietta, on the highlands of the island and its source comes from the Tamarin River.

The 7 waterfalls measure about 250 meters and therefore represent the highest waterfall in Mauritius, the show is impressive.

When hiking a guide will accompany you because there are not many specific tracks to follow. At times, the hike can be difficult, but swimming in the pools is definitely worth it. You will see a wide variety of plants and birds throughout the hike.

You are advised to wear walking shoes, water bottles, a picnic, mosquito repellent, bathing suits and refill clothes.

It takes about 5-7 hours of walking for the seven waterfalls, but it's worth it to do them all.

Otherwise you can also make half of the course which will last approximately 2 to 3 hours of walk.



The pouce.

The Pouce is a mountain in the north-west of Mauritius and stands between the Pieter Both and the Mountain Signaux, it owes its name to its characteristic shape reminiscent of a thumb.

It rises to 812 meters above sea level, making it the third highest peak of the island after the peak of Petite Rivière Noire and Pieter Both.

From the top, if the weather is clear, you will have a view of the whole island and the small islands of the north of the island - the corner of sight, Flat Island, Round Island and Serpents Island.

The hike also offers one of the most beautiful views of the capital: Port Louis, as well as on Moka and on the lowlands of plain Wilhems.

A guide will accompany you during the ascent of the Pouce and can be done from Port Louis or Moka, the first plateau offers an exceptional view, the continuation of the climb is a little more difficult on a steep and rocky road. Fifty meters leading to the summit of the Peak.

The duration of the ascent is about 1:45, it is recommended to wear walking shoes, take bottles of water, mosquito repellent and you can picnic on site if you wish because the view is just amazing.



The Black River Gorges.

 The Black River Gorges National Park, or Gorges de rivière noir in French, is a national park. Since June 1994, the forest of nearly 6600 hectares, located in Plaine Champagne on the heights in the South West of Mauritius, is classified National Park.

The Park offers panoramic views of the gorges, waterfalls and the coastline of the West Coast. There are about 300 species of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers and many birds including 9 species of birds endemic to Mauritius.

Among these endemic birds, the Mauritius Kestrel, commonly known as the Mauritius Falcon, The Pink Pigeon and the Big Green Cat, have moved from Endangered Species to Endangered Species.

More than 60 kilometers of trails have been traced in the park. The most important are those leading to the highest peak of the island: the peak of the Petite Rivière Noire, the trail macchabée which joins the two information centers (National Parks Conservation Service) and parakeet trail.

A guide will accompany you.



Black River National Park (nature park)

Located in the southwest of the island, the Black River Nature Park opened in 1994 to preserve the local flora and fauna.

More than 50 kilometers of trail divided into 6 walks have been marked for walkers. Each walk - count 2 to 3 hours - has its own specificity: a first runs along the gorges, a second allows to observe the birds, a third offers exceptional views.

Ideal for walkers, easy walks for all between 1.5 km and 3 km and beautiful walks from 6 to 10 km for the more athletic.


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